Mrs. Sarit Rubenstein

Best Extra-Curricular Activity For Jewish boys!

I am so grateful to Elchonon Majeski for starting Kolainu choir! I was looking for a wholesome and stimulating after school program for my boys that would not only provide them with a fun experience, but meet the standards of their Yeshiva. Kolainu was the perfect choice!

Elchonon is not only professional and talented in his ability to train the boys to improve in their singing capabilities, but he’s warm, friendly, and fun! My boys looked forward each week to attending the program and to the highlight concert where they got to perform on stage in front of a live audience.

I look forward to having my boys be “Kolainu boys” for as long as Elchonon offers an age group for them!

Any parent looking to provide his/her sons with a kosher extra-curricular activity should look no further than the talented Elchonon Majeski and his Kolainu choir.