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After School Boys Choir For Yeshiva Students

Kolainu Boys Choir was established in January of 2009 with boys from all different Yeshivas. Kolainu's sole purpose is to provide Yeshiva students with an opportunity to gain self confidence, have fun, make new friends and enjoy their love for music.

Kolainu was designed for Yeshiva students as an extra curricular activity. There are no tryouts and every child is a star. The choir has one grand performance annually for family and friends.

The choir is led by Elchonon Majeski. Elchonon has 20 years of experience conducting, composing and singing for large audiences. He is also a Miami Boys Choir Alumni, AKA PELLA member, and has sung on a variety of albums.

Kolainu offers a once in a lifetime rewarding experience for your child. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our program.

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Kolainu Boys Choir Registration

1st Feb 2022- Tuesday
5 Towns
2nd and 3rd 5:45-6:45
4th and up 7:00-800
2nd Feb 2022- Wednesday
2nd and 3rd 5:45-6:45
4th and up 7:00-800
3rd Feb 2022 - Thursday
Crown Heights
2nd and 3rd 6-7pm
4th and up 7:15-8:15
7th Feb 2022- Monday
(2nd and 3rd grade Full)
4th and up 7:00-800


The benefits of the boys being involved in this wonderful choir is priceless . Elchonon has led our Yeshiva choir for the past 7 years. He has allowed the boys to shine, and has brought out hidden talents that no one would have believed was there. His easy going personality and energy are wonderful ingredients that help assist the boys in so many areas.. From singing, to self esteem, forming friendships and everything in between. As a menahel I strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity…

RABBI YEHUDA BRECHERMenahel Yeshiva K'tana of Waterbury

I have known Elchonon for many years through his work with our Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury boys choir. He creates a healthy, enjoyable, and wholesome environment and brings smiles to the many parents/children that have had the opportunity to be a part of his performances.

RABBI BARUCH LEVINERebbi Yeshiva K'tana of Waterbury

What an amazing opportunity we had for our son to join Kolainu choir this year. Elchonon gave the boys the best time and made each kid shine. The night of the performance was so alive with happiness and song as the boys confidence soared. Can’t wait for next season!


“Elchonon I really have to thank you a thousand times over for the confidence and abilities you gave my son. He is now 20 and it was priceless in shaping his future “

JUDY FRANKELFormer Kolainu Parent

“Hi I just wanted to say again how absolutely unreal last night was and we were all so impressed how the confident the kids were.. There was so much happiness going on last night it was on a new level!!”

BARUCH AND ROCHEL BROGKolainu Lakewood Parent

“Hi, good morning.
Thank you so much for giving our son an opportunity to shine and bring out a talent of his. We feel like a certain spark of value and confidence was ignited in him, and I’m sure we are not the only parents which feel this way. A positive experience like this one can have a ripple effect on him for years to come and to generations to come iyh.
Only Hashem could count the amount of people you helped with last nights production!!!”


Words cannot express how amazing tonight was – not only did my son feel like a million bucks but it was actually such a fun, enjoyable night for everyone! You made each and every boy feel special by introducing them and giving them solos/duets/trios. He was singing and Beaming from ear to ear – this was the best program I could have signed up for – we’re in whenever the next time is!

CHAIM AND ALIZA STERNKolainu 5 Towns Parent

“He had such a fabulous time on Sunday; he came into the car with glowing cheeks. He loves singing and Jewish music in general and he loved the fun, positive environment your’e creating. I asked him if there’s anything you should change, he said nothing!”

SHANY BELSKYKolainu 5 Towns Parent

My son loved going to choir practice every week. Elchonon made it super fun. The production was super.

ALONNA BONDARKolainu Brooklyn Parent

Thank you so much for your amazing work with the boys in the choir! I have never seen my son so happy as I have each week after practice! And he felt like a million bucks tonight!! How soon can I sign him up again?! (And his brother)

Chana MogilevskyKolainu Crown Heights Parent

Wow!! Just wow!!
you have a big zechus giving these boys a gift for life. Honestly I had no idea what to expect. I listened to what you told me at the beginning but seeing is believing. I couldn’t imagine something better. Truthfully I learned so much from watching you with the boys tonight.

Chaya Mushka SilberbergKolainu crown heights

The choir was amazing. Thank you for letting my boys be apart of it and letting them shine.

CHAVA POMERANTZKolainu Miami Parent

I was blown away at last night’s kolainu boys choir season performance. My boys and their friends sounded and looked like a professional choir. In the short weeks that my boys have been part of the choir, they have gained confidence, friendships and a love for singing. They are even more comfortable singing zemiros with me at the shabbos table and making their own kiddush. I want to thank Elchonan for a job well done and we are all looking forward to the next semester.

SHMUEL WEINSTOCKKolainu Brooklyn Parent

Very inspiring and the kids had so much fun. Please come back for next season. Amazing!


Dear Elchonan,
I am not a writer but I had to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful performance. The boys performed beautifully, but that is not what I am referring too. Each boy felt important and confident. He was the center of attention for his family in a very positive way. Yisroel Meir is going to be watching the video and reliving the experience for a very long time. It is not easy to set up an experience where everyone shines, and you managed to do that and more.
So thank you again, may Hashem grant you the strength to continue on with your work.

All the best

SHIFRA DOMBROFFKolainu Monsey Parent

The benefits of the boys being involved in this wonderful choir is priceless . Elchonon has led our Yeshiva choir for the past 7 years. He has allowed the boys to shine, and has brought out hidden talents that no one would have believed was there. His easy going personality and energy are wonderful ingredients that help assist the boys in so many areas.. From singing, to self esteem, forming friendships and everything in between. As a menahel I strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity…


Yasher Koach for a great performance. The boys seemed to have had a really fun time tonight and every week leading up to the concert. I was so pleased to see Him perform with such confidence. He came home feeling so good about himself and I am sure that confidence will display itself in so many other ways. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this.


After only attending two Kolainu sessions my son was hooked. He has made a kesher with the other boys and counts the days down to the next session. I wish we would of known about this choir years ago. Elchonon not only teaches the boys songs; but his interactive games, friendship building skills and interactions with the boys is unbelievable. I strongly recommend the choir to all boys.

RUCHIE WEINSTOCKKolainu Brooklyn Parent

We just wanted to drop you a short note thanking for the Kolainu experience. Although it was only a short 10 weeks of practice, culminating in Sunday's amazing performance, there was still a noticeable transformation in our sons level of confidence. The way you played on his strengths helped him in a very big way. This is something which we really appreciate.”

Thanks so much!

Proud Kolainu Lakewood Parents 2018

Thank you so much. Josh gained greatly as a person and singer from this experience. We are so grateful for everything you did for him.
We are exploring ways for him to continue his singing development and look forward to next year so he can join your wonderful program.

Yehudis and Reuven BaumanKolainu 5towns Parents 2018

“There’s nothing like it! Fabulous, patient choir head that brings out the
best in your son. Your child will never be the same,”


Thank you for the amazing experience you provided for my son. He had an amazing time and felt on top of the world

Hadassah BarzidehKolainu 5 towns parent

My son started Kolainu kicking and screaming, really adamant about not joining, but willing to “try it out for one day.”
He ended the semester crying that he only got 2 solos! He gained a sense of pride, a healthy boost of needed confidence, along with valuable lessons in team work.


Your work with the kids is simply priceless

Duvy merenstienKolainu waterbury parent

Thank you for such beautiful show last week. We really enjoyed it, and so did a friend of mine that came to watch.
We were very impressed with so many details, and it was more than I had pictured.

He had such a good time by all of the practices, and he enjoyed the performance even more. He is so excited to do this again.


Kolainu has given our son the opportunity to enjoy singing while developing his self confidence,


Best Extra-Curricular Activity For Jewish boys!

I am so grateful to Elchonon Majeski for starting Kolainu choir! I was looking for a wholesome and stimulating after school program for my boys that would not only provide them with a fun experience, but meet the standards of their Yeshiva. Kolainu was the perfect choice!

Elchonon is not only professional and talented in his ability to train the boys to improve in their singing capabilities, but he’s warm, friendly, and fun! My boys looked forward each week to attending the program and to the highlight concert where they got to perform on stage in front of a live audience.

I look forward to having my boys be “Kolainu boys” for as long as Elchonon offers an age group for them!

Any parent looking to provide his/her sons with a kosher extra-curricular activity should look no further than the talented Elchonon Majeski and his Kolainu choir.


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